Hebrew School Programs

We have a Sunday School program for children in Kindergarten through Grade 2, Sunday mornings. We have a Hebrew School program for children grades 3 to 7 during the week and on Sunday mornings.The classes are taught by qualified educators. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, generally grade 7, meets Saturday mornings for classes. Private lessons are scheduled at mutually agreeable times.
Available to young adults (ages 10-18) is Jewish Federation Youth Groups. For more information on Youth Programs contact JFEC.com or Elisa Goldrich at 860 442-8062 xt. 116 or e-mail egoldrich@jfec.com To register a returning student, print out the Religious School Registration Form for returning students or if you are registering a new student use the Religious School Registration Form for new students , complete it, and return it to the Temple office.
Remember Our Hebrew School Drive Our Hebrew/Sunday School is one of the most important functions of our Synagogue, since it prepares our children to take our place as Keeper of the Faith. But, Hebrew/Sunday School cannot function without your full support. The tuition we charge does not cover our expenses and we need your continuing generosity to help us educate our children. Please give generously during our Hebrew School Drive.

 2017-2018 Hebrew School Calendar