The land will give its fruit and you will eat to satiation,” (Lev. 26:5). One of the blessings the Torah promises us is an abundance of wealth. It is interesting that it is followed by a second blessing: that we will not only be blessed with wealth, but we will be satisfied with it.

Rashi points out that the real blessing is the ability to enjoy what we have and be satisfied with a little. Without the blessing of satisfaction, we may never realize how much we really have. We may be so driven to acquire and consume more and more, never achieving the peace of mind to enable us to stop and say thank you.

The Talmud teaches us to look to those who have less than us in order to cultivate a real appreciation for how lucky we truly are and to understand that everything we have is a gift. The biggest blessing in life isn’t winning the lottery, but having the ability to enjoy what we have and be content and satisfied with the simple things in life. To the extent that we can appreciate and be content with what have, our connection to God will grow, as will our ability to see the beauty of the Divine everywhere. “Who is truly wealthy? Someone who finds joy in what he has.”