In this week’s Torah portion, God gives the specifications on how the High Priest’s clothing is to be made. Since this entire process requires very precise work, God wanted the clothing to be made by:

“…the wise-hearted people whom I have invested with… wisdom.” (Exodus 28:3)


God wanted those individuals whom He “invested with … wisdom” to be the ones in charge of making the High Priest’s clothing. What does it mean that God invested wisdom? It means exactly what is meant by any other investment – a return on the investment isn’t merely hoped for, but expected. God makes an investment in each and every one of us when He gives each of us a unique and special talent. Would you put all your money into a bank whose policy was never to pay any interest on the accounts? Of course not.

Universally, every person born to caring parents has heard that he is “unique in your own way.” As children, we embrace this truism and tap into our special talents in one way or another. Whether we have a passion and excitement for mathematics, music, art, writing, or cooking – as youngsters we’re clearly aware of the things that come easy to us and that bring us joy. In fact, we often wonder why everyone else has such a hard time with what comes so naturally to us. This is called God-given talent that was a pure gift from your Creator.

But then one of the saddest things happen as a person gets older – he stops using or fails to channel this talent. Instead, he squashes it and convinces himself that the invested talent isn’t really that big of a deal. What an unbelievably huge mistake to make.

You have the responsibility – not just the option – to use whatever unique talent God has given you, and give God a return on His investment. Just like you would pull your money out of an investment that never paid you a return, you run the very real risk of God “pulling” this talent He gave to you if you don’t use it. This could happen in a thousand ways, but the gradual or immediate loss of this ability you had from birth will eventually happen. So use what you’ve been given.

We’re all designed for greatness. And the one-way ticket to accomplish greatness is to use the talent you were given at birth to make the world a better place. God expects a return on His investment. And when you use what you’ve been given, you’re immediately beginning to pay interest on the investment. And then watch how much more you get entrusted with.