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Kol Colchester, Counting the Omer

Counting the Omer The Jewish people left Egypt on Passover, and 50 days later (on the holiday of Shavuot) received the Torah at Mount Sinai. Today, in revisiting that Sinai experience, we observe a special mitzvah called “Counting the Omer,” where we actually count aloud each of

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Kabbalah-101 more

G-d Talk

In my Bar Mitzvah Torah portion of Korach, there is an unusual phrase to describe G-d-El Elohei Ruhot, G-d, Source of the Breath of all Flesh. What a powerful metaphor through which to see G-d! G-d is the source of breath, that reliable, cyclical in and out

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Kol Colchester Parshat Tzav

One of the commandments in this week’s Torah portion is to remove the ashes from the Altar. Certain parts of the sacrifices were burned and the ashes were removed by the priests every day before sunrise. This was the only part of the Temple service that was

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Passover Seder, Second Night Reservation Form 2017

Please join us for the second night Catered Community Passover Seder A night of tradition and togetherness Featuring Rabbi Ken Alter as our Seder leader Date: Tuesday, April 11,2017 Time: 6:00 PM Where: Congregation Ahavath Achim Enjoy a delicious catered dinner of: Matzo Ball Soup, gefilte fish

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Kol Colchester Parshat Vayikra, 3-26-17

Parshat Vayikra discusses the “Oleh v’Yored” offering – literally the “up-and-down” offering – so called because it had three levels, based on one’s financial ability: A wealthy person would bring a cow; a middle-class person brings a bird; and a poor person brings an offering of flour. In fact,

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Rabbi weekly Kol Colchester Wednesday March 8 2017

When lighting the menorah in the Tabernacle, Aaron the High Priest is commanded to “raise the flame” of each of the seven lights. Rashi, commenting on this enigmatic expression, explains it to mean that Aaron should hold the light by the menorah until the flame “stands by

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